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Roberto Baggio finally meet Aung San Suu Kyi in Rome. His speech in Campidolium:



Here we are side by side, we can finally look in the eyes!

I'm really excited and happy : here in Rome on December 20, 2007 , making me a great honor , you wanted me to retire the Award " Rome for Peace and Humanitarian Action " that the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano and The Mayor Walter Veltroni given to you .

Now , in Rome , always ahead of the Mayor of the Eternal City, Ignazio Marino , I can finally deliver you , after six years , that Award .

Six years in which the most vivid memory is the day of your liberation.
I was in a symbolic place,Hiroshima, at the ceremony of the Nobel Prize for Peace , where I had the honor and privilege to withdraw the Peace Summit Award.
We have come from all over the world , we were there to talk about peace and freedom of the population.
It was really incredible. All together we felt that your deliverance was near. There were many voices about you: they were unforgettable moments .
Then, suddenly, the magic of a moment : the confirmation of your freedom.
All the Ambassadors of Peace had gathered , and you in those hours you have been release.
It ' really indescribable what we felt in that moment, in that room . Those unforgettable sensations... I keep them in my heart forever , as one of the most precious treasures of my life.

Your strong determination made me think of my Master Daisaku Ikeda , who said that "in the end it all depends on the character of the people . The decisions of human beings determine not only their fate, but also that of the rest of the world. "Your example and your courage , your non-violent struggle for freedom , have changed the destiny of your people and have also improved our lives , the life of every day.
It's' beautiful and intense live looking the world as you do it . For this reason, for me , you're a modern-day hero , a living example of determination and courage ; the battle in favor of your people can be a stimulus and an example for all of us .Your image is full of passion and it's this passion that involves us : in your look your mind and your heart matches.

Finally,today we are side by side . The language barrier, a thread of emotion and my confidence does not allow me to be able to talk for long.
Knowing you, I can feel your depth , I can feel your heart so rich and generous , which is capable of breaking down any barrier .
I, along with all the people who have accompanied your battle , we feel your heart. So, many words are not needed.

Here is the Award that I have treasured in recent years with pride and with great care, now finally handed him over in your hands , in the hands of a woman finally free . Sure that the battle for freedom and democracy in favor of your people will continue , even with our support .

Thanks Aung, continues to be what you are, fso that the encouragement that we have been able to offer will be always present in our lives.

With deep admiration , Roberto Baggio.



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