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October 9, 2007

Heroes Company

Dear Friends,

Thank you truly for the support that you are giving to Heroes Company!

Only a week has gone by since our presentation and your affirmations of esteem are already numerous indeed. Thank you again. Of course, at this moment, it is important to keep the attention alive, to speak out, to get informed. The risk of losing the emotional phase in only a flash is huge. We must all engage ourselves so that this does not occur, we must always keep in mind those persons who still today, at this very moment, are fighting for the freedom of their country, requesting democracy and justice. Let’s not leave them in the shadows; let’s always keep them on our minds. They need our help!

I have read your messages on the blog and am happy to see so much interest from many of you who want to get involved. We want to change attitudes, to acknowledge that it is important to give our utmost support to those persons who are fighting strenuously for a better future, to offer support to the heroes of our times.

I lived the suffering in Laos in the first person. This beautiful Country holds a sad reality: it was the most bombarded after World War II. Above all, the so-called “cluster bombs” were then used, which still today provoke an incredible number of deaths. The Laotian territory is still very much plagued by unexploded bombs, which continue to explode, causing deaths and injuries still today, some thirty years after their drop. It is frightful. When the war gear does not kill, it produces terrible amputations in people. The families are dealt with continuous mourning; taking the wrong road and ending up on a bomb splinter, this is what could definitely change one’s life, torture it even. And yet, these people have such a will to live … to smile, they are kind towards the world. Those who survive often cannot return to a life of dignity, and this is not right. This is why I wanted that first aid arrive here. The purpose is to have prostheses reach them in order to give new possibilities to all those injured who lost a limb due to these cowardly and uncontrollable attacks.

I have asked for the teamwork of Vittorio and that of his staff, who have followed me for fourteen years during my professional career. Now, I would like that they put their skills and experience at work for this cause, in which I truly believe.

Several friends have called me and have written to me enthused about wanting to lend their support to Heroes Company. We are fine-tuning everything; some time is necessary to properly structure the organization. As soon as we are ready, we will notify you as to how you can help. We need everyone. Above all, the Heroes of our times must no longer remain on their own. Let us give them also our voice.

Hugs, Roberto

October 17, 2007

World Food Day 2007 - FAO


On the 16th of October of every year, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations celebrates the World Food Day to commemorate the anniversary of its foundation, which came about on October 16th, 1945. The theme for World Food Day 2007 is “The Right to Food”.
Roberto Baggio, FAO Ambassador, presided at the international assembly which took place today in Rome, with an opening address from the Director-General of the FAO, Jacques Diouf, who reminded that “in the world today, there are 854 million women, men and children who suffer from hunger, even if the planet produces food in quantity and quality sufficient for everyone”.
The following is Roberto’s address.

Your Excellencies,
Mr. President Köhler,
Mr. President Kikwete,
Mr. Director-General,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very glad and honoured to have been invited here, today, at the FAO, where in October 2002 I was nominated Ambassador of Goodwill of this organization. I thank you once again, Mr. Director-General, for that prestigious nomination.

I continue to remain proud of the recognition the FAO wished to honour me with, as every one voice can contribute to heighten the sensitivity regarding a problem that affects not just others but all of us and every one of us: the fight against hunger throughout the world.

It is a moral, personal and professional obligation to be alongside you, in the name of all those who find themselves, to this day, in a state of disadvantage, poverty and suffering.

It is in this spirit that I headed to Laos, in September of this year, only a few weeks ago, to visit the FAO projects in development in that splendid, small country. I was able to personally meet rural communities, disadvantaged groups, persons in distress. Touching an undeniable reality with my own hands, I realized and was proud of the fact that my visit may have represented, if nothing else, a further impulse, an added opportunity to allow us to revitalize and strengthen our commitments to free the world of the plights of hunger and poverty.

An eminent statesman, Willy Brandt, had expressed, in the now distant 1971, a dream: that before the end of the century, the day would come where humanity would no longer see a child going to bed hungry, no family having to worry what to feed on the following day and no human being having to see his future and possibilities altered due to malnutrition.

Although the century has now come and gone, it is not too late to share this dream and contribute all of my best efforts to turn it into reality. I am here for this.

I thank you.

Roberto Baggio


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