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July 31, 2007


Roby says hello to all friends before holiday.

Dear Friends,

I can’t leave the blog without saying goodbye before the summer holidays because your messages are always so numerous and full of warmth. Once again let me thank you for the affection you always show me. You really are incredible!

I trust you will find serenity and rest during these holidays. It is an important period for the life of each one of us. The chance to spend some time with our loved ones, away from the pressure of work: it gives us the strength to more clearly recognise the important values of life. We see our objectives better and seek the strength to achieve these within ourselves and through those persons who are close to us.

Since I stopped playing, I too have of course had more time to spend with my family and now appreciate more the role of father and husband. It really is nice to watch the children and little Leonardo grow up, share a good part of the day with them and help them with the problems they have to face.

I expect to go on a leisure trip to China with Vittorio.

Straight after I shall move to Laos. As you know I have had the honour of being appointed FAO ambassador and during my stay in Laos, a land full of charm and spirituality, I shall try and foster awareness in support of an area of the world which is still unfortunately going through difficulties. Above all, I should like to bring concrete help to the children of this country.

I shall try and document the trip so as to share with you this extraordinary experience, which gratifies me and fills me with pride.

One last thing, I have not forgotten the promise I made you a while ago! I have with me the video made at Buenos Aires, at the Bombonera, a stadium full of football passion, where the fans, with choreographies and songs, support Boca Juniors in an incredible way. This is the place to experience ninety minutes of entertainment, folklore, tension and joy. In August (in the hope that the heat let’s us breath a while) we shall be presenting a few minutes at a time of the film of the last championship festivities of the team for which I have had a special attraction for some time. You know how I look at it. In that country I still find love for the game, the desire to leave youngsters free to express their skills, their talent, and also their few mistakes. Because a young football player must have the chance to make mistakes to grow up. And as you have seen, in the end the results are forthcoming. Did you follow the youth championships that have just come to a close in Canada along with us? The young Argentine team dominated the tournament and to be sure this is no accident…

My hope is that in Italy too, we shall soon be able to experience sport again as I was lucky enough to experience soccer: a world in which passion, imagination, joy and dreams become great entertainment for everyone.

Enjoy your holidays everyone.

I embrace you all, RB.

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