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February 16, 2007

A huge hello...

A huge hello to all friends and supporters of Roberto.
After three years we are online again and we are very happy to be. Also because, in this period we have not been under the reflectors and we appreciated the effort of many of you who, worldwide, have made, built and managed blogs and forums regarding Roberto.
Thank you for the enthusiasm, fondness and love that you showed us during these years, and considering the behaviour that Roberto has towards all of you, I can assure you that he totally deserves this fondness.
I have the fortune to live close to Roberto and, especially in the last three years, our meetings have been characterized by intense interchanges of ideas, mainly concentrated on future projects.
Of course his everlasting passion for football has been the focus of our thoughts; a passion that has lived with him and has been an important part of his life.
The victory of the World Cup 2006 in Germany has been a great satisfaction for Roberto, but Italian football has lived dark moments: scandals that have alienated many fans; recent news have confirmed our doubts about football industry and its difficulty to understand the urgence and necessity of a renewal. Just few days ago we have lived painful moments…people have died for a football match.
We would like to offer help in order to not live again such situation; in order to take other reference values; in order to live everyday a sicere and genuine passion.
So we are here, with a new tool: this blog; a team will help me in managing the website. The blog allows us to lift barriers, informally, as Roberto appreciates.
We are online without a defined schedule; we are online because we have recognize the desire of many fans to meet, to interchange ideas, and not exclusively on football.
Roby, as you know, is a very discreet and simple person and we love him also for these values.
I promise we will manage to involve Roberto…but, from this day on it will depend on you. Roby is waiting for you.

Best wishes
Vittorio Petrone

Hi everybody!

Hi everybody!
How are you? I hope everything’s fine. Here we are again together after three years. Who knows what you have done in this period? Probably many have married or be very happy to become parents, as it happened to me. It is beautiful to see little Leonardo grewing up, he is 22 months old and kicks the ball with all his strenght. Leo plays with everybody and everything, but most of all he loves the ball.
At last I’m enjoying my family! I stay all day long with my wife and with my two other kids: Valentina and Mattia. I enjoy the role of a full time dad, it’s terrific. I have much more time to play and to spend time with friends. Friends and fellows that have been always by my side during my carrier.
We come back with the website after three years: my first three years as football spectator. We come back to repay your love, that it never lacked in this period that I really appreciate.
I don’t like to show myself in public, you know my attitude and behaviour; and speaking with my great friend and manager Vittorio Petrone, I thought that the website is the right tool.
I’ll send videos, I’ll write sometimes, I’ll be there.
We’ll try to speak about different things with this I am already giving you a tip.
Which emotions did you feel in this period…do you want to tell them to me? Just few lines. As you know today is my 40th birthday and this can be a beautiful occasion to celebrate it together.
Agreed? Join the website and the blog. When I’ll blow out the candles on my birthday’s cake, I’ll be thinking of you.
We come back with joy towards new goals, always led by those values I took as landmark during my life: courage, strenght, resolution and loyalty. And then the dream, never stop dreaming.
I’m waiting for you.

A huge hug
Roberto Baggio

February 22, 2007

Thank you all!

Dear friends,
I’m in the forties…the celebrations for my birthday have finished but I’m still overwhelmed by emotions. Forty years, a new life? Well, nothing seems changed until now….
Last Sunday I celebrated with friends and relatives at the party that took place in my house. During the party we lived very touching and strong emotions. I’ve received many meaningful gifts and thinking about it now, I still have a lump in my throat. A video showed the most important moments of my carrier and it has moved most of us to tears…
Thankfully there was also Bruno (Fichi d’India), a great stand-up comedian that made us laugh a lot!
The party has not finished on Sunday in my house, but it continues on Internet. Thank you all! How many messages posted!! I’ve read many of them and I’m still reading, but they are endless…. Thank you all for love and affection that you showed me, thank you for all great emotions you made me feel.

Many of you have expressed so deeply your own feelings, that I’m honoured you have chosen to share them with me.
I’m happy that many have responded to my invitation and have expressed, through the messages posted, how the passion lives with us, how the emotions are important in our lives.
During the party we have shot a video and I believe that, as soon as possible, you can watch some parts of it on the blog. I want to share with all of you those beautiful and unforgettable moments.

Do you like the website? Please send any suggestions you may have.
We started with three languages and I hope it can be understood by the most. Anyway we’ll try to better it and to enrich the blog with many different contents.

See you soon, Roberto Baggio

February 28, 2007

Sorry for the delay...

Sorry for the delay….
A great soccer field, lights on: we played a night match!
A cake and a toast that I shared with all of you.
Thank you again for the best wishes and for the messages I read on the blog.
See you soon,
Roberto Baggio

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